Label Rewinder

  • AD1211-S0 AD1221-S0 AD2111-S2 SRA
  • Your chosen model determines how units are managed:

    Roll diameter:

    Up to 6.7" 10" or 11.81"

    Media width:

    Up to 4.72", 5", 6.85" or 6.85"

    Core Holder:

    Adjustable (1.57" - 4.64" or 1.57" - 3")


Do you own a thermal or inkjet label printer branded Epson, Zebra, Intermec or Sato…?
Thanks to a collaboration with the major label printer manufacturers, D.P.R. has designed label rewinders suitable with any model of thermal transfer printer and specific roll to roll systems for the inkjet color label printers available on the market.

All products are specifically designed to work inline with various label printer with a goal of greatly improving your label production.

In order to guarantee a perfectly aligned media path, we've added specific base plates which can easily accommodate the a wide range of label printers giving you the benefit of having your own in-house printing solution.

Create your print station and boost your workflow.

Top features:
- Freedom to build the configuration that better fits your needs.
- Specific base plates which easily be attached to label printers.
- High Capacity Roll to Roll.

Our range of label rewinders can handle labels up to 4.72" (120mm), 5" (127mm) and 6.85" (174mm) wide and rewind rolls with a diameter up to 6.7" (170mm), 10" (250mm) and 11.81" (300mm) onto an adjustable core holder from 1.57" (40mm) up to 4.64" (118mm).

It is possible to add an optional support for heavy rolls (if the unit is equipped with support, the core holder is adjustable 46mm-118mm (1.81"-4.64")). Label rewinders are equipped with an external auto-switching 100/240V Direct Current power supply and an electronic circuit controls the functions.

Our label rewinder series is available in different versions and every model is marked by its own code. Through the configuration table below, it is possible to select the version better fitting your needs and to obtain the code of the product to order.

Thermal Label Printers

With the growing number of different types of thermal label printers hitting the market, we are sure to carry the right label rewinder to match. You can also check out our line of dispensers to help you with a smooth clean label application process.

Find these and more for all the major brands of thermal label printers on the market.

Our label rewinders work with the following major brands of thermal label printers (and others):
- Zebra direct thermal printer & Zebra thermal transfer printer
- Datamax direct thermal printer & Datamax thermal transfer printer
- SATO direct thermal printer & SATO thermal transfer printer
- Toshiba direct thermal printer & Toshiba thermal transfer printer
- Intermec direct thermal printer & Intermec thermal transfer printer

- ...

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AD1211-S0 AD1221-S0
AD1211-S0 ASD1111-S0
Roll Diameter up to 10" (250mm) Roll Diameter up to 10" (250mm)
Label Width up to 5" (127mm) Label Width up to 6.85" (174mm)
Adjustable Core Holder
from 1.57" (40mm) up to 4.64" (118mm)
Adjustable Core Holder
from 1.57" (40mm) up to 4.64" (118mm)
SRA AD2111-S2
SRA AD2111-S2
Roll Diameter up to 6.7" (170mm) Roll Diameter up to 11.81" (300mm)
Label Width up to 4.72" (120mm) Label Width up to 5" (127mm)
Adjustable Core Holder
from 1.57" (40mm) up to 3" (76mm)
Adjustable Core Holder
from 1.81" (46mm) up to 4.64" (118mm)
Support for heavy rolls

AD1211-S0 19.93" (43cm) 13.78" (35cm) 14.17" (36cm)
AD1221-S0 19.93" (43cm) 15.74" (40cm) 14.17" (36cm)
SRA 14.56" (37cm) 12.99" (33cm) 8.26" (21cm)
AD2111-S2 19.93" (43cm) 13.78" (35cm) 14.17" (36cm)



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  • DPR label rewinder detail
  • DPR label rewinder detail
  • DPR label rewinder detail
  • DPR label rewinder detail
  • DPR label rewinder detail