Lasen Label Revolutionizes Label Production in Guyana with DPR's ARIES Semirotary

Partnering with DPR for High-Quality, High-Volume Label Printing Enhanced by Solar-Powered Efficiency

Sheik Khan with aries semirotary finisher

Sheik Khan, CEO of Lasen Label, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking leap in our label production capabilities with the acquisition of the state-of-the-art ARIES semirotary machine from DPR. This strategic addition to our printing arsenal, complementing our existing ArrowJet printer, signifies a transformative era for our company as we embark on a mission to deliver top-tier labels throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.


At Lasen Label, sustainability isn't a mere buzzword – it's a fundamental value that guides every facet of our business. The integration of solar energy into our production process via the ARIES machine perfectly aligns with our commitment to reducing environmental impact while optimizing costs. Not only does the ARIES's utilization of solar power underscore our dedication to eco-friendly practices, but it also translates into reduced operational expenses. This cost-efficiency empowers us to provide competitive pricing without compromising the exceptional quality synonymous with Lasen Label.


From our very first interaction with DPR, a robust partnership was forged. This seamless communication and mutual understanding proved pivotal during the installation phase. The user-friendly design of the ARIES semirotary machine ensured a smooth transition without any significant management obstacles. This ease of use solidified our confidence in both the product and the partnership itself.


Before incorporating the ARIES machine into our operations, Lasen Label grappled with precision challenges in cutting and struggled with slower production rates due to escalating business demands. Thanks to the ARIES's advanced cutting alignment and increased production speed, these obstacles have been consigned to the past. Our operations have become substantially more efficient, enabling us to seamlessly meet the evolving needs of our clientele without compromising the unparalleled quality that defines Lasen Label.


Our collaboration with DPR marks a significant milestone for both organizations. This installation represents DPR's inaugural venture into the South American market, and we are honored to be their chosen partner for this historic journey. This partnership not only underscores the value of our organization but also highlights the growing recognition of Lasen Label's prominence in the label industry.


In summary, the strategic decision to invest in the ARIES semirotary machine from DPR has propelled Lasen Label to an unprecedented level of label production excellence. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability, enhanced by the integration of solar power, resonates profoundly with our discerning clientele who prioritize quality and eco-consciousness. As we continue to stride forward in the label industry, we take immense pride in our partnership with DPR and eagerly anticipate the innovative future that awaits us.

The Product

  • Aries  - Semi-rotary label finishing systems

  • Aries - Semi-rotary finisher

    Based on a fully digital workflow, the Aries is equipped with an LCD touchscreen interface where users can easily control job settings and the flexible magnetic die plates make changeover simple by quickly snapping into place.

    High performance cut speeds allow users to rapidly produce high-quality finished labels in-house, with ease..